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About Us

Some Thing About Us

Finetunerz (Pvt.) ltd. is a network of professional engineers that provide a range of smart and engineering services in the field of construction, electrical systems designs, automation and mechanical systems such as HVAC designing and Installation services.

CEO Message

Finetunerz aims to contribute to our society and implement improvement to the engineering sectors of our country. We are proactive about developing our business in harmony with people and the environment. We are fully aware of the research and development taking place in country, our experts can help you in design, planning, execution of projects and also maintenance services. All team members are well trained for all kinds of jobs and tasks assigned to them and are regularly assessed to ensure their competency and skill set.

Muhammad Hassaan
President & CEO

Management Policy

1. Our goal is “to be the best” and we do our efforts to deploy the best talent at your workplace.
2. We aim to become a company that can adapt and quickly provide the products that will satisfy the customers.
3. We strive to become an innovator always providing “something new, something different” inthe market.


To be the global leaders in the field of engineering and consultancy services such as Civil work, electrical power backup systems and mechanical work

Company Policy

Management and employees of Finetunerz Pvt. Ltd are committed to their work .We have strong grip on the services provided by our company in different sectors.